A resurgence of primal Americana, Los Sabios Locos incorporates Native American shamanism, hippie anarchism and powerful music into a gestalt that could shake the roots of the modern world. In time, they hope to bring it down and replace it with a cleaner, spirit-oriented culture.

As peyote cultists of the 1800s, the members of this tribe laid the framework for this sect during the 1940s. During the 1960s, they came into full bloom. Jim Morrison himself may have been inspired by one of their teachers, Red Cloud Thunder. As one might expect, these Ecstatics have friends among the Changing Breeds in general and the Garou, Corax and Nuwisha in particular. Although their magick is potent, the group itself is fairly disorganized, scattered throughout nearly a dozen primal-beat bands. Its members have a bad tendency to let drugs, money and spiritual differences come between them, and the Technocracy has taken advantage of this by sending Syndicate agents to tempt bands with cash, coke and MTV exposure. For now, the power of the Fifth World remains untapped.

Although the Tribe requires no formal initiation, its members go off on frequent vision quests across mountains, deserts and beaches. Natural purity is a must; most Fifth Worlders are vegans who shun anything artificial (except, of course, in their instruments). Although new members should know how to sing and play, the Tribe concentrates on instinct rather than training. High Expression and Dancing ratings are a must.

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