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Name: Get of Fenris
Plural: Get of Fenris
Pronunciation: geht' uv fehn'-riss
Nicknames: Fenrir
Totem: Fenris
Faction: Garou Nation

The Get of Fenris are one of the Tribes found in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Fierce warriors with little room for mercy and compassion, the Fenrir view themselves as great heroes, but have been known to shock other Garou with their violent ways.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The traditional homelands of the Fenrir are considered to be northern Europe, where they lived with their kinfolk, the Germanic, Scandinavian and Norse tribes.

Dark Ages Edit

Victorian Age Edit

Modern Nights Edit

Organization Edit


Tribal Culture Edit

The prime focus of the Get of Fenris is heroism; all members must act against their enemies, particularly the Wyrm. There is no room for cowardice or indecisiveness among the Fenrir, and retreat is not in their vocabulary.

The Get of Fenris is one of the most selective tribes when it comes to choosing members. A potential Fenrir must prove themselves to the rest of the tribe, even if they are born into it. The Rite of Passage for Fenrir cubs is one of the bloodiest and most brutal of rites, and even after they have passed, they are continuously tested to improve their battle skills and ability to survive. Weak Fenrir cubs are usually abandoned or, in more recent times, turned over to other tribes to be raised. Some Get also practice a belief in the purity of blood as a sign of worthiness.

In past times, the Get have been extremely harsh towards female members, but in the last century female Get have had a chance to prove themselves to be as heroic and fierce in battle as the tribe's male members.


Political Culture Edit

Religious Culture Edit

One of the most common practices of the Get is the recitation of skald, or epics of past Garou who have proven themselves worthy of heroism. Most Fenrir also strongly believe in fate, believing they are destined to die fighting for a worthy cause.

Individual Get of FenrisEdit


200s BCEEdit

230s CEEdit

800s CEEdit

Dark AgesEdit







Get of Fenris KinfolkEdit

Version Differences Edit


  • 900 CE: Sometime during this century, a Viking settlement is established somewhere on the island of Newfoundland, and a few Fenrir made the journey as well. Conflict quickly arose between the Fenrir and native Garou, and the settlement didn't last more than a few decades. Stories say that some of the Get remained and bred into native populations, giving rise to Ymir's Sweat.[7]
  • 988 C.E.: Vladimir I converts to Christianity in and quickly established Christianity in Russia which opened the way for Tzimisce, Shadow Lords, and Ventrue from Europe. The church flourished despite Garou efforts, and as Vladimir was a Get of Fenris Kinfolk the Silver Fangs blamed the Get for the new church.[6]
  • Around 999, larger forces of Fenrir land in Ireland, but the Fianna manage to repel them.[9]
  • Early 1700s: Uktena briefly recapture the Caern of the Sentinel from the Get of Fenris with the help of the Shadow Lords. Shortly after the Uktena and Shadow Lords take to fighting and the Get of Fenris seize the caern once again. [11][12]
  • Late 1700s: German founded Canadian town Lunenburg starts to become prominent. Get of Fenris settle in it.[13]
  • September, 1941: Garou attacks on German troops assist in reducing the force that strikes at Leningrad. The Russian Get of Fenris war with their German brethren.[17][18]



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