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Vigorous AchieverEdit


Fen Jin grew up on the street of Mongkok into a triad family. He started collecting money from small businesses for the triads when he was 12. He grew into kidnapping and torturing, mostly the sons and daughters of wealthy Chinese families. All for extortion. His favourite “sport” was fighting other triads and his vicious street fighting abilities became well known.

One evening on his way home from checking on a kidnap victim, an assassin’s silenced bullet ended Fen Jin’s life and his P’o was propelled into the spirit world. It was too strong for Yomi’s hell and crashed through the Wall and went rampaging through the streets of Mongkok.

Keui-jin were sent out to put down the monster raging in the streets and they cornered Fen Jin and were about to strike when suddenly a hand reached out and snagged Fen Jin and pulled him to safety. Gan Shuo had rescued the mindless Fen Jin and calmed the slavering brute’s P’o. Fen Jin was given an explanation about what had happened to him and spoken to about the Righteous Devils’ evil and Fen Jin’s every desire would be fulfilled if he served Gan Shuo and did exactly what he did for the triads – extort from and eliminate enemies and rivals.

Fen Jin has no concept of what it is to be Keui-jin as his entire knowledge comes from his mentor and boss. He lives to indulge himself in the same activities he excelled in life.

Fen Jin looks and acts like a street tough, wearing a leather jacket, tight jeans and dark glasses. He wears his hair in a short buzzcut and smokes constantly (a habit he believes adds to his “tough-guy” image.) He spends much of his time in Demon Shintai form. (World of Darkness: Hong Kong, pg. 67)


Nature: Bravo

P'o Nature: The Deceiver

Demeanour: Bravo

Chi Balance: Yin

Direction: None

Dharma: None Akuma (KOTE)

Physical: Strength: 5, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 5

Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 4, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 4

Abilities: Alertness: 3, Area Knowledge (Mongkok: 3, Hong Kong Region: 3); Athletics: 3, Brawl: 5, Dodge: 4, Drive: 3, Finance: 2, Firearms: 4, Intimidation: 4, Law: 1, Linguistics: 1, Melee: 4, Occult: 1, Security: 3, Stealth: 3, Streetwise: 4, Torture: 4

Disciplines: Blood Shintai: 2, Bone Shintai: 1, Demon Shintai: 2, Obligation: 1

Backgrounds: Allies: 3, Contacts: 1, Resources: 3

Chi Virtues: Yin: 6, Yang: 4

Soul Virtues: Hun: 1, P'o: 9

Willpower: 6

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