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Fell Knights are the most numerous of the ruling ranks of the Legions. Raised by sheer skill and heroism on the fields of War, Fell Knight served as lieges and vassals to the higher ranking members within their Legion. Fell Knights usually commanded small warbands of Demons, served as Champions for higher-ranking Demons or guarded Bastions and other sites of Fallen activity. Even in modern times, many Fell Knights still serve their former superiors faithfully, although many Fallen who have served their superiors well will find themselves introduced into knighthood. Many Fell Knights oversee small domains or districts and ensure that their liege-lords will is fulfilled.

In the Final Nights, Fell Knights are usually responsible for maintaining the Ministries within a Court. As the battlefields have shifted from military to social or economic warfare, many Fell Knights put their talents to other uses. As a result, most Fell Knights are active among humans, recruiting them and their Faith for the cause of their masters.

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