Birth Name: Unknown
Chosen Name: Feathered Serpent
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Default Association: Independent
Date of Death: 2043 (Assumed)

The Feathered Serpent was a mysterious Aberrant that devastated most of central Mexico during the Aberrant War. He is presumed to have died in the earthquake.

The Feathered Serpent: In Aztec mythology the god Quetzalcoatl was known as 'the Feathered Serpent' in Nahuatl.

The Aberrant War Edit

In 2043 the Feathered Serpent, in an attempt to raise the city of Tenochtitlan from underground, initiated an earthquake that killed 1 million instantly, devastating Mexico City. Cities and towns within a 200 kilometre radius are heavily damaged, with lesser effects hitting Guatemala (TU), El Salvador and Nicaragua. The seismic activity also triggered the dormant volcanoes Popocatepetl and Citlaltepetl into erupting, turning the region of El Distrito Federal into a volcanic wasteland.

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