Not to be confused with Allonzo Montoya

Father Montoya is a Catholic priest who is fighting and losing a battle.  The Latino community had always had it rough, even in the old days, but since coming to this post he has had to give last rites and bury to many children with gunshot wounds.

With the drugs and the money they bring it makes people do crazy things and nothing matters anymore.  The police expect the Church to solve these problems?  Montoya can only bury and comfort the bereaved for some long.  What is needed is an armoured angel or something like it.

Margie Ramos came to him recently sprouting off about bulletproof thugs that burned down an old warehouse.  He has tried to convince her that they were just gangsters with flak vests but without success.

Character SheetEdit

Demeanour: Caregiver

Physical : Strength: 1, Dexterity: 2, Stamina: 3

Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 3, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 2, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 2

Talents: Acting: 2, Empathy: 4, Leadership: 2, Streetwise: 1

Skills: Drive: 1, Etiquette: 1, Music: 1

Knowledge: Bureaucracy: 3, Finance: 1, Law: 1, Linguistics: 2, Occult: 2, Politics: 3

Background: Allies: 3, Contacts: 1, Influence: 1, Resources: 3

Virtues: Conscience: 4, Self Control: 2, Courage: 1

Path: Humanity: 7

Willpower: 5

Appears InEdit

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