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Meet the Pastors Edit

Dr. Robert Ramos, Senior Pastor
Pastor Ramos grew the Eternal Grace Congregation by sowing the seeds for a community joined in Christ in Chicago, but moved to Miami to begin the Lord’s work in fields then untapped by him.

A veteran of numerous missions to the Holy Land, the Philippines and Africa as well as a guest lecturer at several synods across North America and Europe, Pastor Ramos has delivered the Word far and wide. His greatest love, however, is for his home congregation, which he seeks to bring into the divine graces of the Lord.

Pastor Ramos has a collection of relics and artifacts on permanent display at the Eternal Grace Congregation’s reliquary. Always on the hunt for something new to add to the church’s collection, we kid the Pastor about his “shopping trips” on mission and attending the Presbyterian Synod.

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. [II Samuel 22:33]

Dr. Kim Ferguson, Pastor of Counseling
Pastor Ferguson joined the Eternal Grace Congregation in its infancy, helping to cultivate the Christian community since the establishment of the Carol City facility. A student friend of Pastor Ramos, she shares his vision and his commitment to the Word.

No stranger to the lecture circuit and the missionary call herself, Pastor Ferguson has traveled extensively in northern Africa and southeast Asia, where her efforts to spread the love of God have resulted in the establishment of several small community churches. Still, her work isn’t done “until we all can some together in common love for our Lord Jesus Christ,” in the Pastor’s own words.

Pastor Ferguson’s current projects include the expansion of the Early Grace program, which she attends to with Bruce Dudley.

So let all thine enemies perish, O Lord: but let them that love him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might. [Judges 5:31]

Dr. Raymond Bowman, Associate Pastor
Pastor Bowman is the most recent addition to the Eternal Grace Congregational staff. Upon his graduation, he immediately sought out Eternal Grace “because its assembly is the most devoted in the Christian community, and I wanted to work with people who have such sincere love for their church.”

With his arrival at the Eternal Grace Congregation, Pastor Bowman immediately took it upon himself to begin the Christian Singles program, in the hopes of bringing those who have yet to meet their mate in God’s love closer together. He is active in all levels of the Eternal Grace ministry, helping Father Ramos in his continued studies and planning new directions for the church’s ever-growing involvement in the local community.

I am clean without transgression, I am innocent; neither is there iniquity in me. [Job 33:9]

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