To the Arisen, Fate is the indecipherable force that governs the tides of Sekhem across the cosmos [1]. Once in Irem, the Akhem-Urtu were the most devoted to its study, but Fate's hand resonates through all who shared the Rite of Return, manifesting itself in some of the Utterances used by them. The original Judges are said to have enforced Fate via their edicts, or that Fate was the result of the Law they enforced, and that it revealed itself in the courses of the stars. Records from this time are unreliable.[2]Once a Deceived achieves the Ascent, they become bound to Fate, freeing themselves from the shackles of their Temakh to become servants to the greatest and most mysterious power in the world.[3]

The Fate the Arisen interact with is truly unchangeable. No amount of supernatural power can thwart or twist its designs, and what is divined from it will inevitably come to pass, in one way or another. True Fate is a mystery, an infinite radiant Is, and shall ever be so until the end of time.[1]


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