The Fasad (also called Husks) are the minions of the Shuankhsen and similar in design to the Sadikh of the Arisen. The main difference between the Sadikh and the Fasad is that each Husk feels the burning hunger of the Devourer within them, which drains them slowly of their lifeforce until they begin to rot away. The oldest Fasad are little more than automatons that exist solely at the mercy of their creators.

Very few Fasad joined willingly with their masters. Most were tricked, intimidated or outright forced to undergo the Rite of the Engraved Heart. The Rite fills them with unfullfillable desires that are difficult to even name, which usually drives them into insanity after a short while. Fasad become attuned to the sensation of Sekhem and are usually used by their masters to find vessels or tombs. The teeth of a Fasad also become sharp and able to inflict higher damage.


A Shuankhsen can have as many active Fasad as his Sekhem rating. Like the Arisen’s Sadikh, husks do not age, and they gain the three-dot Iron Stamina Merit. They take bashing damage from all non-magical attacks except fire, and their bodies continue to act normally up until the point that all of their wound boxes are filled with aggravated damage, at which point they finally fall. Fasad can be “resurrected” by their masters in the same fashion as Sadikh, but the wounds that caused their death often remain on their already tormented forms, and the Shuankhsen’s Sekhem rating remains a limitation—if it dropped since he created the Fasad, he can’t resurrect it without making room (by killing one of her other Fasad) or somehow regaining a dot of Sekhem. Once a husk has fallen, it can be returned to its active, undead state up until a year has passed. The resurrection of a husk costs a Shuankhsen a Willpower dot (which makes it a rare event), and the body knits itself back together immediately but not fully, healing a number of aggravated wounds equal to the master’s current Sekhem rating.


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