A False Sabbat is a vampire who has not undergone the Creation Rites, or someone who had his status among the sect revoked.


Such an unfortunate individual may not participate in Sabbat rites or functions until he has received the Creation Rites, and is in fact considered vampira non grata, to be kicked about, abused and ordered around at any of the "real" vampires' whims. While a pack priest has the authority to uninitiate any member of their pack, only the Sabbat Regent, the Prisci, and the Grand Inquisitor can uninitiate a Sabbat member outside of their pack – and even then, only under specific circumstances.

To be uninitiated means simply that the vampire is once more considered “False Sabbat,” and does not mean that she is a traitor. An uninitiated Sabbat is still a member of the Sect, and is owned by her pack. That pack has the right to extract a heavy toll on anyone who harms their property without their consent. Uninitiating a vampire strips her of all status and rank, erasing all previous deeds.

Such a vampire must be reeducated before again receiving her Creation Rites and becoming True Sabbat. A period of not less than a year and a day must pass during this “reeducation,” unless the specific authority who punished the vampire relents and allows the Creation Rites, or unless the Regent specifically and publically pardons the vampire’s transgression.


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