Name: Fallen Pillar
Nicknames: Exultants
Path: Thyrsus
Order: any
Arcana: Life

The Fallen Pillar are a Legacy that has dedicated itself to mortification and asceticism in order to overcome the physical needs of the body.


The mages of the Fallen Pillar believe that glorifying the physical form distracts the spirit. Unlike many of their brothers on the Path of Ecstasy, Fallen Pillar mages care little for their bodies. A mage of this Legacy knows she must free herself from the thousand appetites that flesh is heir to. At first, its members may struggle grimly against the temptations of the physical world. Over time, however, they come to love their renunciations. Mages of the Fallen Pillar are taught to delight in denial. Most mages are slaves to their biological urges and corruptible instincts, while those of the fallen Pillar are abel to taste true freedom. The soul laughs and leaps with joy as the body suffers. The Exultants are too unpredictable, too willing to throw themselves and others into danger with little thought or preparation. To the mages of the Fallen Pillar, life is a mad dance, a whirling orgy of denial and martyrdom. The Exultants embrace a gleeful madness, looking out over the Fallen World with wild eyes and feral smiles. The Exultants don't preach their ways, however. Fallen Pillar mages believe their actions are example enough, showing how to achieve joy by rejecting the lures of the material world and the demands of the flesh. This means going out and walking among humanity and acting as part of heterogeneous cabals. Loneliness neither brings joy nor strengthens the soul, and so Exultants universally reject isolation except as a temporary exercise in self-mastery.

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