Fabrizio Ulfila

Fabrizio Ulfila









Fabrizio Ulfila is a 5th generation Methuselah and one of the few Ventrue Kindred who still holds power in the Catholic Church. Befitting his position, he has been accused of inciting the Fourth Crusade and the Inquisition itself, consorting with mortal mages, and getting in bed with the Giovanni.


Has been around since the first nights of Christianity in Ancient Rome. Contracts in 1250 a strange wasting disease, along with several of his confederates in Rome. The younger kindred die, the elders, including Ulfila, make a slow recovery. Suggested a league of Vampires in 1394.

Even though the Church has been a battlefield for Cainite conspiracies for centuries, Fabrizio has survived them all and still remained steadfastly loyal to the Ventrue principle of dignitas - his only mistake was handing over a ghoul named Ferox to the Tremere.

It has been rumored that Fabrizio has true Faith due to his incredible success within the church. It is also rumored that he has learned many of the secrets of Necromancy from the Giovanni which is fueled by his infrequent communications about the events in the Underworld which he describes in a first person perspective.

During the Dark Ages, he resided in Bologna, Italy. There he concentrated his efforts in influencing the two dominican monasteries and the university of Bologna -- gaining pawns, ghouls, and childer among the students and Dominicans. His long term goal was to expand his influence in the Church through the fledgling monastic order.

In the modern nights, he continues his quest for control over the mortal Church, despite its growing irrelevance (which he ignores).


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