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Ezuli is a Follower of Set with a potent power base on Haiti. She is revered by a local voodoo cults as a goddess of the moon.


Ezuli was born in Ethiopia and wooed into the ranks of the undead by the love for a vampire. She soon found her existence and the Clan she was embraced into appaling and soon went into Torpor. She remained in stasis until her sire, Ghede, summoned her to join him in the New World. In 1790, she arrived in the Carribeans and joined her sires retinue, as a part of his cult.

Soon, however, the worshippers turned to her, something that amused Ghede at first and turned into jeaslousy-fueled hatred later. In 1805, Ezuli fled and rebuilt her personal cult after several months of hiding, together with her clan mate Ogwon. With his aid, her cult became strong enough that she had not to fear Ghede's wrath. Soon, the Hierophants became aware of the situation and many Setites that passed into the Americas first stopped by at Ezuli's temple before making their own fortune.

Ezuli is one of the most influential Setites in the Carribean and her cult is one of the strongest around. She is adept in the ways of Voudoun and many of her ceremonies involve the possession of herself by the loas. She sees herself as a genuine patron of her people, aiding them in exchange for blood.

In the Modern Nights, Ezuli has been infected with the HIV-Virus during one of her feeding sesions, although she herself has no idea. Still, the illness makes itself present in her, while HIV spreads through her cult.

Version DifferencesEdit

  • In A World of Darkness, Ezuli and Ghede are stated to be the only vampires on Haiti that have a lower generation than seventh. Ezuli's childer, Manon, is likewise of the seventh generation. However, Ghede has been confirmed in Clanbook: Setites to be a vampire of the sixth generation, making Ezuli the same generation as her childe. A solution to this problem could be that Ezuli lowered her generation via Diablerie - or her childe did.


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