Name: Eyes of Ain Soph
Nicknames: Seekers
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Prime

The Eyes of Ain Soph are a legacy that are dedicated to explore the inner workings of Magic and most abstract mysteries. The Legacy is named after the eternal and formless light that represents pure, raw divinity as yet unmanifested in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a realm of perfect enlightenment and mystical understanding. Mirroring this ideal, the members of this Legacy seek to understand the totality of magic.


One of the central tenants of this Legacy is that the knowledge of magic is inherent in the structure of magic and so the best way to understand how and why the various Arcana work as they do is to experiment with them. A very few Seekers, as the members of this Legacy are frequently called, confine their efforts to working out lengthy theories about the nature of magic. However, the vast majority believe that theory cannot be separated from practice in any useful fashion and spend much of their time examining and experimenting with various unusual types of magics and various unusual phenomena.

Most members of this Legacy are tireless in their pursuit of new styles of magic. They regularly seek out the oldest or most obscure rotes they can find in the hope that some features in these magical formulas will reveal some deeper truth about magic. These mages tirelessly study newly discovered rotes and any notes about magical theory written by those who created these rotes. However, these same Seekers also actively experiment with any new rotes they find, seeking unusual quirks or advantages in their use. In their efforts to further understand the nature of magic, many Seekers also attempt to learn as much as they can about the various other unusual phenomena found in the World of Darkness. Some study the limited mortal phenomena of Thaumaturgy or psychic powers; others become fascinated with the Abyss and the various intruders into reality. Some Seekers attempt to learn all they can about the various other supernatural beings who also inhabit the World of Darkness, and many seek to learn all they can about Twilight, the Shadow Realm, and the spirits that inhabit it. Because of these studies, many Seekers amass large collections of esoteric books and occult relics, ranging from decades-old books on psychic powers, vials of Vampire blood, and strange relics physically retrieved from the Shadow Realm or the Underworld. Although most other mages care little for these exotic collections, various supernatural beings and occasionally mortal thaumaturges, or even powerful spirits can take an interest in the items in these collections, and so many Seekers protect their more exotic items with potent wardings.

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