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The Eye of Hazimel is a powerful supernatural item, and the major plot device of the Vampire's clan novel saga.


Eye of Hazimel

Eye of Hazimel VTES card

This item is a living eye belonging to the Ravnos Methuselah Hazimel (or, according to some, to Zapathasura himself). The Eye holds great powers of mutation and destruction, but in order to use it, its wielder has to replace one of their own eyes with it.

Over the course of the Clan Novel Saga, the Eye bonded first with a Setite named Vegel, then with the sculptor Leopold, (a Tremere antitribu who was believed to be a "Toreador") gradually altering his body and mind in pursuit of its master's agenda.

The Eye induced Leopold to use its powers to slaughter many Kindred, many of whom were Gangrel. The Gangrel Justicar Xaviar believed that only an Antediluvian could wield such power, and when the Camarilla refused to back him in his battle against the Eye, he withdrew his entire clan from the sect.

Leopold was eventually destroyed and the Eye recovered by the combined forces of archon Theo BellRamona, Hesha Ruhadze, and Victoria Ash. The eye was given to Hesha as part of a deal between him and Lucinde, the Ventrue justicar.


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