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An extra is a modification of a standard Quantum power to include additional effects. (For example: Area of effect added to a firebolt attack makes it a fireball attack). Extras can be permanently purchased anytime after Phase 2: Nova for Experience Points / Nova Points.[1] Extras can also be temporarily added on by "maxing out" a power. However, the user of a "maxed" power risks gaining temporary taint.[2]

Each extra purchased with a Quantum power, raises its level by one in a nova with a Quantum rated from 1 to 5. So for example, a Level One Quantum Power purchased with two extras; will become a Level Three Quantum Power. A power bought with one or several extras, is considered a unique power.[1]

However, if a nova with a Quantum of 6 or more buys an extra for a power, it may or may not change the power level. The power itself is still considered unique.[3]


  • Aggravated: Causes Aggravated damage (Has Errata) [4]
  • Area: Affects an Area
  • Armor Piercing: Ignore two levels of soak
  • Burning: Inflicts damage on successive turns
  • Cloud: A lingering area of affect attack
  • Delayed: Delay the effects of certain powers
  • Explosion: Affect an area that decreases over distance (larger than Area)
  • Homing: Hit your target no matter where they go
  • Impervious: Converts Aggravated damage to Lethal damage
  • Increased Duration: Double how long a power lasts
  • Increased Range: Double the distance the power is able to go
  • Merged: Able to combine with another nova with the same power for greater effect
  • MIRV: Hits multiple targets in one shot
  • Range: Reach out and use a Touch power at a distance
  • Reduced Quantum Cost: Half your Quantum costs
  • Reflexive: Designate a power that triggers automatically
  • Spray/Jet: Strafe your enemies with Quantum energy
  • Trigger: Power is delayed until activated

High Level ExtrasEdit

  • Mastery: Transform low level powers into high level smack-downess. The three levels of Mastery must be taken in order from lowest to highest.

Power Specific ExtrasEdit

High Level Power Specific ExtrasEdit

See alsoEdit


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