Evan Stump was an employee of Black Dog Game Factory, developing Lycanthrope: The Rapture. He was also, ironically, a Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk.

200 or so year back, The Black Spiral Dancer Strumpf family fled Shadow Lord persecution in Germany. They fled to the United States, emerging as the Stumps. Evan Stump himself would have been a full-fledged Dancer at birth, but was born with only 22 pairs of chromosomes, and missed the vital gene. He was completely unaware of this connection when he came to work on Lycanthrope.

Having grown up in Appalachia, Stump cultivated his bumpkin demeanor, but was in truth rather conniving, even going so far as to marry his art director, ensuring he had access to the best artists and graphic designers.[1]

During the Apocalypse, the staff of Black Dog got stuck in their offices by the infamous Atlanta gridlocked traffic. After twelve days (eight without food), Stump saved the day by pulling out an "old family recipe" after André Gates choked to death on a twenty-sided die. By day 22, after eating a "Developer Bisque" consisting of Jason O'Kelly, he was alone in the building. However, one of O'Kelly's many piercings managed to pierce Stump's esophagus, and he died by day 25.[2]

Background Information Edit

Evan Stump is a reference to Ethan Skemp, who acted as developer for most of Werewolf: The Apocalypse's run. Ethan, like his counterpart, grew up in Appalachia and married his art director Aileen E. Miles.

References Edit

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