Ethan Torrance is one of the Flatliners created by the Orpheus Group and Project Flatline. He now serves as the second-in-command of Uriah Bishop's pigment cult, Missionary Works of the Holy Ghost.

Torrance was a violent career criminal who decided to go out in style. When arrested for his third crime (thus making in ineligible for release), he was arrested for murder. As he was about to be executed, he revealed the whereabouts of another victim. This cycle continued on for years, keeping Torrance just out of reach of death.

Because of his close calls in and out of jail, Orpheus eagerly chose Torrance as one of their test subjects for Project Flatline. When he escaped, he followed Bishop for no other reason than he liked the man's style. He, as an atheist, cares nothing for God or Grandmother; he only wants to crack heads for the charismatic Bishop.

Torrance appears as the main antagonist, unnamed, in the opening fiction piece "Proof of Life" in the Orpheus Rulebook.