not to be confused with Gaia

Eshtarra, the Songteller, is the Planetary Incarna of Earth according to Garou Astrology. She prefers not to act as a Totem, and when she takes a pack, she does so in her aspect of Danu.


Considered an aspect of the Great Mother--who perhaps represents all life giving worlds--Eshtarra only represents the Earth that cradles humanity. She emphasizes music, fertility, and defensive combat, the kind that fights to protect something, as opposed to Nerigal, who stands for combat in all its forms. She does not lend herself as a totem out of fear of misinterpretation that one tribe is favored more by Gaia than another.

Her colors are blue, green, and white, and she corresponds to the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Other Names - Rhea (Black Furies), Ishtar (Children of Gaia), Danu (Fianna), Ostara (Get of Fenris), Terra (Glass Walkers), Zemyna (Shadow Lords), Isis (Silent Striders), Eseasar (Uktena), Maja (Wendigo)


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