The Escheat is the compendium of faerie traditions and laws that are not backed up by the Wyrd, but instead by all faeries in remembrance of Arcadia. The Escheat was formed a short time after the Sundering by faeries who wanted to ensure the survival of the species on the face of change. Seelie and Unseelie respect and enforce the Escheat, although they might have different interpretations to the various rights.

The RightsEdit

  • The Right of Demesne - The ancient right of the Nobles to rule and the Commoners to be treated fairly.
  • The Right to Dream - The right of mortals to sleep and dream unhindered by the Kithain. This includes ravaging the dreams of a mortal for Glamour, as well as infusing him directly with Glamour to inspire more creative dreams.
  • The Right of Ignorance - The right of the Dreaming to be protected from Banality through secrecy and obfuscation.
  • The Right of Rescue - The right of each Kithain to be protected from being Undone
  • The Right of Safe Haven - The right of each freehold to be protected from Banality and mundane violence
  • The Right of Life - The universal right of each Kithain to live and a prohibition against the murder of one's conspecifics


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