Name: Erzsébet
Plural: Erzsébet
Nicknames: Cavaliers, the Withered
Parent Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Vigor and Majesty

The Erzsébet are a bloodline among the Daeva Clan of vampires. Unlike other vampires, they feel the weight of age and frailty upon them. This lead them to an important realization: Enjoy youth and vigor while they last, because soon they will give way to sleep under the sun.


The Erzsébet are a young bloodline that originated in northern Italy, in the form of a young woman named Syska. She acted as a messenger to the local Princes. In 1657, Syska appeared before the Court of Milan for the last time. She became embroiled in an argument over whether she had been using her nomadic existence to Embrace promiscuously, and murdered her accuser. She was sentenced to torpor, but escaped.

In 1751, a young vampire named Rózsa appeared in Vienna, claiming to be a descendant of Elizabeth Bathory. Rózsa threw herself into the parties and asked for nothing but invitations. Yet, sometimes she lamented that her fortunes had declined, that she could not return to her mother's tomb and raise the Blood Countess from the dead. She began to age, gradually, lending more credence to her claim that her unique line suffered a unique curse. Bathing in blood, she said, was her mother's means of comfort, not a true ward against the curse's power. Other Kindred gave her small sums of money, fortunes that might enable her to locate her mother's resting place and wake the heroine, and Rózsa cached them throughout the region. When it became apparent that she was a fraud, Rózsa and her childer escaped to England, adopting the name Moretti. The vampiric aristocracy of Vienna, however, demanded blood and sendt several bounty hunters after the "Erzsébet". The bloodline dispersed, fleeing from those who would hurt them.

Erzsébet often feel more kinship with their ghouls than Kindred outside their bloodline, and certainly more than those outside their clan. Ghouls, too, are afforded an altered mortality instead of true agelessness. Where they can suppress passion and impatience, they often groom ghouls over decades to prime them as new members of the family.


The Erzsébet age like mortals do. While they cannot die from old age, their physical forms wither and become frail. Entering Torpor, however, makes the vampires as young as she was during her Embrace.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Daeva clan

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