Erik Eigermann






Ventrue Antediluvian


Ilse Reinegger

Erik Eigermann is an ancient Ventrue methuselah that lies in torpor under the city of Berlin.


Not much is known about the past of this ancient vampire, but Eric ruled Gaul along his broodmate Antonius, before the Romans invaded their lands.

Most likely after his brother departed to Constantinople, he traveled north and became the first known Cainite to reside in the area of modern Berlin - which was very sparsely populated in the Dark Medieval era.

His open rule of the land ended in 1140, when Eric was hunted down and badly wounded by Karl Schrekt - who was still mortal, a demon hunter from Vienna. He's been in torpor under Berlin since then, influencing events in the city - and might be responsible for the Ventrue rule over that city.

From the shadows, he sways the balance of power in favor of Wilhelm Waldburg, keeping the tide of popular opinion towards his protegé in the battle against Prince Gustav Breidenstein.


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