Erich Vegel


-Eric Wells



Final Death:



Followers of Set


Hesha Ruhadze

Erich Vegel was a Setite associated with Hesha Ruhadze. He died during the siege of Atlanta in 1999.


Originally from Austria, Vegel was an archaeologist versed in more than twenty languages. After his introduction to the Clan, he was tutored in Damascus, where he first met Ruhadze, a legendary Typhonist and scholar among his Clan.

He later went to Cairo, where he learned that Ruhadze would travel to Baltimore and he sought to join him, eager to leave the local temple behind. Vegel began to work for Ruhadze around 1916 in Alexandria, in the full knowledge that doing so would forever associate him with Ruhadze, against the wishes of his sire.

In 1999, Vegel acted as his masters envoy to the Toreador Primogen of Atlanta, Victoria Ash, in order to meet with a Nosferatu contact named Rolph to receive an important artifact Ruhadze was seeking: The Eye of Hazimel. During his stay, he made the acquaintance of Leopold, an aspiring sculptor whose work was exhibited in Elysium for the first time.

When Vegel left Elysium after having acquired the eye, he was ambushed by a Sabbat pack that made their way to the assembled Cainites. The Sabbat overwhelmed him and left him for dead. Vegel, however, had managed to fake his demise through Serpentis, although it had cost him greatly. To save himself, Vegel moved the Eye of Hazimel into his own eyesocket, but was overwhelmed by its power and blood loss. He was then diablerized by the fleeing Leopold, who took the Eye with him.


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