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Ereshkigal, the Visage of the Realms is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Halaku.


The Ereshkigal appear to be garbed in black robes and have long, skeletal fingers, strongly resembling classic Grim Reapers; perhaps they resemble something else as well. Their faces are always hidden in shadow, and they make no sounds as they pass. They do not have wings, but are masters of moving into and out of the Shadowlands, and their sense of direction is uncanny. Monstrous Ereshkigal become brooding shadows, dark and menacing, and reflecting the dark power of Oblivion

The Ereshkigal differ from the rest of the Halaku most greatly; like some other Lores, theirs was created after the Fall. The Nergal and Namtar wished to keep human souls from fading or disappearing after they were cursed to reap the souls of humanity, and so the Halaku created a Realm where the dead could hide from their ultimate fate. Before the Fall, many who became Ereshkigal were those who helped destroy failed experiments with life. As they struggle to return from the Abyss, they cannot remember much of what they created, and the presence of Oblivion, as well as who put it there, is a mystery to them.



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