President: Mike Tinney
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Board and Card Games Manager: Pétur Örn Þórarinsson
Vampire Developer: Joe Carriker, Russell Bailey
Changeling/Mage/Werewolf Developer: Ethan Skemp
Board and Card Games Developer: Ken Cliffe
Exalted Developer: John Chambers
Alternative Products Developer: Eddy Webb
Production Manager: Aaron Voss
VtR/GtSE Art Dirtector: Craig Grant
WtF/CtL/MtA/VTES Art Director: Aileen E. Miles
Exalted Art Director: Brian Glass
WoD Art Director: Mike Chaney
Graphic Designer: Jessica Mullins
Director of Marketing - CCP North America : Greg Fountain
Marketing/Events: Kelley Barnes
World of Darkness Community Developer: Shane DeFreest
Organized Play Coordinator: Oscar Garza
Epitaph Editor-in-Chief: Shane DeFreest
Epitaph Layout: Brian Glass
Contributors: Justin Achilli, Shane DeFreest, Oscar Garza, Priscilla Kim, Ethan Skemp
Cover Art: David Krentz

Epitaph #1 was a single issue e-zine produced by White Wolf in April 2009.

Table of Contents Edit

  • The Black Streets of Babylon

An exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Vampire: The Requiem supplement Ancient Bloodlines.

  • Rise of the Covenants: Ancient Egypt

An exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Vampire: The Requiem supplement Ancient Mysteries. As a companion to its sister book Ancient Bloodlines.

  • I Am The Very Model of Experimental Publishing!

By Eddy Webb, Alternative Publishing Developer

  • Back Into the Hedge, a Changeling Post-Mortem

By Ethan Skemp

  • Artist Spotlight: Efrem Palacios

Showcasing one of White Wolf's freelance artists

  • There Will Be Blood

An excerpt from the upcoming World of Darkness supplement Immortals.

  • Who's Who at CCP?

An interview with CCP game designer Natasha Bryant-Raible

by Shane DeFreest

  • Rise of the Imperator

A Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Storyline Event

  • VTES Tournament Corner

A listing of the top-ranked players, events and stories

  • The Idigam

An excerpt from the upcoming Werewolf: The Forsaken supplement Night Horrors: Wolfsbane.

  • Who is "The Unrequited Lover"?

Fan Fiction Edit

  • The Path to Power (Vampire: The Requiem)

by Tyler Huffman

  • The Ritual of the Shovel-Head (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)

by Dane Smith

  • Love and Monsters (World of Darkness)

by Andrew Peregrine

  • Achillies Heel

by Justin Achilli

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