The Ephorate — in the modern nights also called the “Directorate” — consists of the 12 most powerful and influential Ventrue elders. The ephors establish precedent in matters of "clan policy". It is the highest rank among the Ventrue internal hierarchy, having the Strategoi as their acting agents.


The ephors are responsible for choosing the clan's representative to the Inner Circle. They manage the clan affairs and punish those who betray the clan. The ephorate can also arbitrate intra-clan disputes, but only when a dispute can have far reaching complications or ramifications. They serve as guidance, council or lending institution. The ephors also preside over trials that involve law breaking among the Ventrue (though very rare).

The dictorate's most important function is not so easily quantified; they set the tone for the entire clan. Their philosophies, leadership styles, and political stances are discussed and debated through the ranks, therefore influencing the majority of the Ventrue to some degree.

They have influence and contacts everywhere and their combined power rivals that of major governments. The fact that few Ventrue even know who sits on council makes their power all the more fearsome.

Ventrue hierarchyEdit

Other titles acquired through Dignitas among the Ventrue hierarchy include:


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