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An enhancement is a specific capability tied directly to a nova's Mega-Attribute. These enhancements allow the nova to perform superhuman feats. Most enhancements need little or no Quantum to activate, and individual enhancements may be purchased more than once.



  • Mega-Strength Enhancements
    • Crush: You crush your Enemies with your bare hands (or tentacles) (Has Errata)[1]
    • Shockwave: You generate your own earthquakes (Has Errata)[1]
    • Lifter: You are able to Lift large amounts of weight
    • Quantum Leap: You are able to Leap over tall structures in a single bound
    • Thunder Clap: You can create a sonic boom by just clapping your hands (Has Errata)[1]
    • Irresistible Force: You make things fall down
    • Precision: You hit things with exactly the amount of force you want to
    • Thrower: You Throw really far
  • Mega-Dexterity Enhancements
    • Accuracy: You have better than pin-point Accuracy
    • Enhanced Movement: You can cover ground very fast (Cumulative with Hypermovement[2]) (Has Errata)[1]
    • Fast Tasks: You can do most of the things you know how to do, in the blink of an eye
    • Physical Prodigy: You are the world's best athlete
    • Catfooted: You are stealthier than a shadow
    • Rapid Strike: You throw rapid fire punches or kicks at your target
    • Fine Manipulation: You can manipulate microscopic objects
    • Omindexterity: You can use both hands and both feet with equal ease
    • Perfect Balance: You have no problem keeping on your feet, no matter the circumstance
  • Mega-Stamina Enhancements
    • Adaptability: You are able to survive extreme environments and do not suffer hunger or insomnia (great for A-Personality types and Gamers) (Has Errata)[3]
    • Durability: You are able to convert Lethal into Bashing damage
    • Hardbody: You are able to soak Aggravated damage
    • Regeneration: You are able to quickly heal yourself (even regrow limbs or organs, but they take longer) (Has Errata)[4]
    • Resiliency: Your soak bonuses versus bashing and lethal are doubled (Has Errata)[4]
    • Health: Your body resists all sorts of poisons and diseases
    • Immovable Object: You do not move unless you want to
    • Tireless: You keep going and going and going...


  • Mega-Perception Enhancements
    • Analytic Taste/Touch: You are able to tell exactly what a substance is by touch or taste alone
    • Blindfighting: You have no problem fighting in complete darkness
    • Bloodhound: You can track someone by scent
    • Body Awareness: You are completely aware of any physical change in your body
    • Electromagnetic Vision: You are able to see things others cannot (Negates Sizemorph (Shrink) attack penalties[5])
    • High-End Electromagnetic Scan: You can see through solid objects (Has Errata)[4]
    • Holographic Awareness: You can determine all of the space-time dimensions of an object
    • Hyperenhanced Hearing: You can hear things that normal people cannot
    • Psychic Awareness: You can sense when mental Quantum powers are used against you (see Psychic Shield for applicable powers. Does not work against psi.)
    • Quantum Attunement: You can sense the ebbs and flows of the Quantum
    • Ultraperipheral Perception: You are able to see everything around you without turning your head
    • Fast Sense: You perceive things with one sense faster then biology should allow
    • Sensory Editing: You can filter out any sensory input you not want to perceive
    • Sensory Organ: You can move a sense to another part of your body
    • Synesthesia: You can swap your senses at will
    • That Creepy Feeling: You know when someone is watching you
  • Mega-Intelligence Enhancements
    • Analyze Weakness: You are able to detect the fatal flaw in everyone and everything
    • Discerning Mind: You use your intellect to see through attempts to influence you
    • Eidetic Memory: You have perfect long-term memory
    • Enhanced Memory: You have photographic short-term memory
    • Fast Learner: You learn new things very quickly (May be unbalancing to some games. Storytellers read carefully!)
    • Inventive Genius: You can think up and create the most wonderful "toys"...
    • Mathematical Savant: You have the fastest number crunching tool inside your head
    • Linguistic Genius: You are the master of multiple languages
    • Compartmentalized Mind: You can split your conscious mind in order to protect it from attack
    • Mental Prodigy: This a grouping of enhancements which includes...
      • Administrative: You understand how organizations work
      • Computer: You are good at modifying software and hardware
      • Engineering: You make intitive leaps when creating or upgrading electronic or mechanical devices
      • Financial: You are a genius when it comes to money
      • Investigative: You are able to deduce solutions with the smallest of clues
      • Medical: You know medicine better than experienced physician
      • Scientific: You have general grasp of all things having to do with science
      • Strategic: You understand the big picture of how events and possibilities may unfold
      • Tactical: You are able to analyze all tactical and battlefield situations
    • Speed Reading: You can read faster than you can flip pages
    • Taint Resistance: You suffer less from the affects of Taint (Reduces Taint penalties received from the Node background[6]) (Has Errata)[4]
    • Total Concentration: You can completely focus on one thing
    • Self-Analysis: You can figure out what dumb mistakes you have made that day so you (hopefully) do not make them again
  • Mega-Wits Enhancements
    • Artistic Genius: You intitively know how to prefect works of art, literature, and other creative pursuits
    • Enhanced Initiative: You are able to move before your opponents
    • Foresight: You almost seem to know what is going to happen before it does
    • Hypercognition: You can compress complex information into a simple process
    • Lie Detector: You can tell if someone is intentionally lying to you
    • Mind Over Matter: You have absolute control over your involuntary bodily functions
    • Multitasking: You are able to easily do multiple things at once
    • Natural Empath: You intuitively know how people are feeling
    • Quickness: You are able to take multiple actions without penalty in combat
    • Razor Wit: You can hurt someone's confidence so badly that they perform badly
    • Synergy: You become the lynchpin of a particular group (Has Errata)[4]
    • Group Awareness: You are able to sense the mood of those around you
    • Human Nature: You can figure out another person's deep modivations
    • Redirection: You can easily change your mind in the middle of combat
    • Unfazeable: You are not bothered by anything... no matter how strange.


  • Mega-Appearance Enhancements
    • Appearance Alteration: You can make minor changes to your looks
    • Awe-Inspiring: You fill people with a sense of Awe when they look at you
    • Copycat: You can make minor cosmetic changes to so you can look like someone else
    • Face of Terror: You can terrify people by just making Faces at them
    • First Impression: You are able to make the best possible First Impression
    • Mr. Nobody: You can look like a completely average person
    • Seductive Looks: You are the most attractive person to those who view you (This is the visual complement to the Mega-Charisma Enhancement Seductive)
    • Almost Live: Your Mega-Appearance works over recorded media
    • Blind Bewitchment: You can entrance others with your Mega-Appearance through another sense besides sight
    • Mirroring: You cause people around you to mimic your mood
  • Mega-Manipulation Enhancements
    • Hypnotic Gaze: You can Hypnotize people at a glance
    • Persuader: You are easily able to change people's mind to your point of view
    • Trickster: You have a talent for triking and fooling people
    • The Voice: You can mix subliminal messages into your sounding pleasant voice
    • Conflicting Accounts: You get two or more people to hear more than one story
    • Creeping Paranoia: You cause another person to become paranoid with things you say
    • Overwhelming Question: You can interrogate someone with a single question and get a truthful answer
  • Mega-Charisma Enhancements
    • Commanding Presence: Your orders are obeyed without question
    • Dreadful Mien: You can use your focused displeasure as an attack
    • Natural Agitator: You are able to steer the mood of an entire group
    • Seductive: You are able to instictively know what behaviors are attractive to those who view you (This is the behavioral complement to the Mega-Appearance Enhancement Seductive Looks)
    • Soothe: You are able to calm all those around you
    • Center of Attention: You make everyone who can see you, pay attention to you
    • Inspiration: Your message carries your passion to those spreading it to others
    • Perfect Guest: You do all the right things, no matter what group you happen to be in at the moment

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