Serpent of the Family Tree







Enguerrand was an infamous Ventrue knight during the Dark Ages.


A knight from the Normandy, Enguerrand stood aside by his mortal family since his Embrace, protecting them from harm, using his vampiric influence to ensure their prosperity and honing his martial skills and encouraging his descendants to follow his footsteps. After all, his clan curse was so particular, that it denied him sustenance from any blood save of those of his own descendants.

A dark man with close-cropped black hair and a perpetual sneer, Enguerrand had a savage temper and a clear sense of superiority. The two traits often combined bloodily, and the Ventrue has had to make reparations for the loss of a favorit ghoul more than once. Still, he did not gave up his position without a fight, and the best weapon in his arsenal was his mortal family (which he would have embraced promptly if he could be certain they would not share his appetites).

A true believer into the ideals of knighthood and chivalry, and seeking to preserve the legacy of warrior-kings of his clan Enguerrand found himself at odds with those among the Ventrue who tended to give merchants and other “common” people the embrace. His future fate is not known, but given his peculiar tastes and disdain for the evolution of the Ventrue, it is possible that he did not survived the Anarch Revolt.


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