The Empyrean Sodality is one of the cults that emerged following the destruction of the Tal'Mahe'Ra. It is headed by the Enrathi Niccolo Espuccio.

Enrathi revenant Niccolo Espuccio retains his conviction that Enoch was the spiritual center of the universe. The crater where it once stood now exposes the primal substance of the universe, the alchemical essence of existence that blood magicians and other students of the occult seek to duplicate. He believes that the whole universe must become that same substance and that nuclear fire combined with powerful magic can work the transformation. The Antediluvians will wake only when the world lies black and barren, ready for them.

He has no full-time followers but engages in personal debate and correspondence with both living and vampiric magicians. Some philosophically inclined Giovanni find his theories intriguing and would like to conduct some experiments. At worst, they would get that much closer to the harvest of souls with which they hope to topple the Shroud, and if there is anything to Espuccio's claims, the Giovanni should know. Lobbyists in the legislatures of various nations with nuclear capability mount fresh campaigns for ground and aerial testing of nuclear weapons, while occult experts build networks of contacts among the engineers who would conduct the tests.