Empty Liars are hollow creatures resembling ordinary mortals. Ocular disciplines like Auspex, however, reveal their missing auras and the fact that they are apparently hollow sheets of skin animated by some dark power that no vampire has ever fathomed. Researching their past reveals that they do not officially exist, but people remember them nonetheless, even if they have never met before. Empty Liars exist as fairly ordinary mortals up to the point where Blood Sorcery is involved. Some Kindred speculate over the reactions of Empty Liars to other forms of magic, like those practiced by Awakened or mortal thaumaturgists, but the only observed ones are those to vampiric magic.

An Empty Liar in the vicinity of a spell being cast is drawn to the site like an iron filing to a magnet. Sometimes, one actively intervenes and attempts to disrupt the spell, but most times, they simply observe and, at least according to the relatively few Kindred who have studied them, record them somehow. Every Empty Liar is able to recall every spell it ever witnessed, not out of memory, but some other source, hidden within the Hollowness of their being. Some blood magicians say they’re a kind of immune system for the fabric of reality, making sure the egregious effects of blood sorcery are contained. Others say they’re there to observe, to record major shifts in the mystical landscape. Still others say they aren’t supposed to exist at all, that powerful rituals actually tear the world open and let these things in.

Ambitious Blood Sorcerers sometimes attempt to feed upon an Empty Liar to gain its secrets. This is very dangerous, but the rewards are also strong. For every point of “vitae” (an Empty Liar’s body contains no blood, but secrets instead), the vampire gains temporary one dot in his dominant Theme. If he drains too much, however, schizophrenia and similar derangements plague him, coupled with memory loss and no gained secrets.

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