Emissaries are Black Hand operatives that act as the subsect's representatives (and spies) while dealing with the common Sabbat. They are the eyes, ears, and mouth of the Black Hand.


While the Black Hand makes good use of its muscle, it also needs members with real social and political acumen to serve the subsect at all levels of the Sabbat's political hierarchy. From the councils and quiet back rooms of the consistory and the entourage of the regent, to the esbats of the local bishop, the Hand sends its official – and unofficial – emissaries to be the public face and voice of the subsect's leadership and its hidden members.

They serve as advisors to local or sect-wide Sabbat leaders, trade subtle insults with Inquisitors, and maintain a visible and politically active presence in Sabbat domains. While emissaries to the Consistory and cardinals' retinues tend to be experienced dominions, at local levels that responsibility may be given - or even simply effectively claimed - by any sufficiently ambitious and politically astute operative who knows his way around and is willing to take on the role.

Emissaries also serve the very vital function of the Black Hand's official liaison, for any Sabbat leader who wants to call on the Hand's services "for the good of the Sabbat." To this end, they must be able to not only identify and balance the different factions and interests of the local Sabbat, but know when and how to take appropriate action to best benefit the subsect and themselves. And for those whose understanding of factional agendas and leaders is keen, but whose ambition is of a more subtle nature, the Black Hand can also find a use for clever spies.