Emissaries (also called ambassadors or, behind their backs, expendables) are members of the Anarch Movement that act as negotiators of Anarch baronies to other sects.


Emissaries are usually appointed by the local Baron, when the need arises for negotiations with other factions. Emissaries have to meet with the leaders of other factions and convince them that it would be in their best interest to work with the Anarchs, or at very least to leave them alone. This is, naturally, a dangerous position, since there is little to no repercussion when the Emissary is slain during the talks, given how weak most Anarchs are in comparison to the Elders of other sects.

In most cases, Emissaries work with the Camarilla, which is agreeable, since the Anarchs have some acceptance within that sect thanks to the original outline of the Convention of Thorns. It becomes more difficult to barter with a Sabbat Bishop, who likely sees the Anarchs as potential recruits at best or a meal to be diablerized at worst. Recently, Emissaries have been forced to work with the Kuei-jin of the New Promise Mandarinate, whose alien etiquettes can lead to severe misunderstandings.


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