Elpis, from the Greek for "hope", is a quality found in some Prometheans. It is considered the aspect of the Divine Fire that urges a Promethean along on their Pilgrimage and brings them closer and closer to achieving their New Dawn. Elpis usually works in the form of brief visions and dreams that come to a Promethean over time, guiding them along their Pilgrimage and pushing them reach their milestones. However, these visions only work as long as they are correctly read, and can be easily misinterpreted by a Promethean not paying attention to the underlying messages. Elpis can be purchased as a Merit at character creation.

The idea is taken from a version the myth of Pandora and her famous box. After she unwittingly let all of the ills and evils out of the box to plague the world, one final thing came out of the box: Hope. Many Prometheans view their journeys in a similar manner; traveling along a path filled with evil and grief, and the only thing keeping them going is the hope of becoming human at the end. Some Prometheans take a more alchemic view of Elpis, considering it the Transformative Fire that turns lead into gold.

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