Ellil, the Visage of the Winds is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Asharu.

The Ellil show themselves as beings who thrive in the wind, complete with wings, the ability to keep themselves from being injured by falls, and the sight of a predatory bird. They seem to be constantly in motion, and the wind surrounding them reflects how they currently feel. Too much Torment, however, makes them become more vulture-like, always bent over and ragged. They can claw their foes to pieces swiftly and without mercy, or can damage them through an armor of quills or a foul bile. No matter the changes, a so-called "ill wind" always surrounds them, at the least putting others at unease, and at the worse outright making them ill or killing them.

The Elill, like many of the elemental Visages, worked closely with other Houses and Visages as well as focusing on their own element. Their primary partnerships were with the Dagan in providing the literal breath that gave things life, and the Adad in creating weather. Also like many elemental angels, the Elill provided potent firepower during the War of Wrath, causing havoc with fierce, battering windstorms. The Elill were among the first angels to discover and master music, able to use air to manipulate objects into creating new sounds. It was in this way many attempted to communicate with humans without violating the will of God; alas, in the end, the humans simply did not understand either way.

Background informationEdit

Ellil is another name for Enlil, the Babylonian god of winds.


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