Elizabeth Gibbons is the leader of the Temple of the Mother of Vision, a religion based in Wicca that has since been turned into a pigment cult.

Gibbons always considered herself sensitive to the otherworldly, to the point that many friends saw her as unhinged. Among other things, she indulged in drugs; however, one night, she indulged in pigment for the first time. She saw ghosts, demons, and a field of stars whispering great things to her. Sharing her experiences only made her acquantences fear for her sanity, and so she took an alternate approach. Rather than relate her visions, she instead offered them (or sometimes tricked them into taking) pigment. They then saw the error of their ways, as Gibbons' ghosts and demons came to life before their eyes.

These people gathered around Gibbons, making her their spiritual leader. Monthly meetings where members would take pigment and then meet to compare notes on their trips became a small religion that attracted a small amount of press. It was soon after an angel, Nacrael, came to Gibbons and told her that she was the first to see the Mother of Vision and had become her chosen leader. Miraculously, pigment appeared everywhere in Gibbons' house; she distributed it among her followers and attracted new ones.

One the Temple of the Mother of Vision was at a stable point, Gibbons seemed to retire from the public eye. She spends much of her days high on pigment, but shows a frightening clarity involving the other side and what the Mother of Vision may bring when she returns to Earth. On the rare occasions she makes a public appearance, she warns her followers of what she has seen.

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