Elizabeth Ariadne[1][2] Dimitros


September 28, 1970[1][2]


July 30, 1999[3][4]


Followers of Set




Hesha Ruhadze

Elizabeth "Liz" Dimitros is a Follower of Set who was Embraced by Hesha Ruhadze.


Before her Embrace, she was a student in New York, working on her degree in Art History with a concentration in comparative symbology. Her master thesis was “The Dissemination from Mesopotamia of Key Motifs in Neolithic Pottery”. A short time after she got her thesis, her father died of a stroke and her family moved to California, blaming her for his death. As it was difficult to find a well-payed job with such an education, she worked in an antiquarian shop that was frequented by Hesha Ruhadze. Intrigued by her intelligence and in search for a replacement scholar after the death of his associate Vegel, Ruhadze visited her to hear her opinion over a statue that he believed to represent the Ravnos Methuselah Hazimel. In her studies, she learned that the material the statue was made of was also found in a tomb in Iraq, and that the locals still wore protective charms against whatever resided in that tomb. Concerned about his anonymity, Ruhadze recruited Elizabeth into his retinue, to restorate his collection of antiquities in Columbia, Maryland. Through her habit of sleepwalking, Elizabeth stumbled into Ruhadze’s inner sanctum - the very place where he rested. After an attempt to escape, she made her temporary peace with Ruhadze and sought to learn more about him. In turn, Ruhadze took her with him to a trip to Calcutta.

In Calcutta, Elizabeth had several visions that heralded the reawakening of the Ravnos Antediluvian. Together with Ruhadze and Khalil Ravana, she entered a tomb with a depiction of the rising Zapathasura. After returning to New York, Elizabteh sought to escape from Ruhadze, by contacting an ally, Professor Jordan Kettridge, an archaeologist with rudimentary knowledge about the Kindred, who staked Ruhadze (which did not slowed him down, since he had removed his heart via Serpentis) and killed his agent, the ghoul Ron Thompson, after he told her about the power of the Blood Bond. For this, Ruhadze drained her and gave her the Embrace, as well as chaining her to the wall to face the sun as an offering for Set, since she had corrupted him into feeling compassion. Elizabeth was, however, freed by Khalil, who hoped to use her to track Ruhadze. Together with the Gangrel Ramona, Elizabeth slowly learned the ins and outs of unlife, like feeding, as the unlikely group of Kindred used her apartment for shelter. During this time, Elizabeth saw Khalil struggling against the spirit of the Hazimel, and was used by Khalil as a hostage to rob her former store. In a deal between Ruhadze and Ramona, Ruhadze gave the Gangrel the means to free his childe in exchange for staying away from her. Elizabeth instead fled to Kettridge, who helped her to leave New York. Her future fate is unknown.


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