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Name: Elissa Alighieri
Gender: Female
Born: April 14, 1981 (Age: 35)

Gamer. Geek. Goth. Music Industry war vet. Facebook Expert/Twitter Addict. Part-time Evil Overlord. Death Eater. Ninja attack survivor. Sparkly Vampire Slayer. Table Top RPG uber-snob. Tattoo and Body Piercing pin cushion. Amateur sports car racer and team drifter. Web mistress. Hair dye enthusiast. Know-it-all. Fashionista. Zombie killing pro. Comic book collector. Princess of Amber and Lady of Chaos. Brujah Antediluvian. Total and unashamed nerd.

Elissa acted as Director of Social Media/Online Marketing for during the time of the Grand Masquerade 2011.

Elissa's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

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