Name: Eleventh Question
Nicknames: Sherlocks
Path: any
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Time

The Eleventh Question are a Legacy that are specialized on answering questions and research happenings that can not be answered with magic alone. To this end, they practice Time.


The founder of the Legacy was a 19th century Mysterium philosopher who believed that each of the ten Arcana was the answer to a specific question. Space provided the answer to questions of location. Matter could determine or shape the composition of a material object. However, she knew that even the Arcana had their limits. Therefore, an Eleventh Question could provide answers beyond the scope of magic.

When the Cabal of the philospher was faced with a particular dangerous Ghost, who possessed the members of the group in order to hide his tracks, a Guardian mage named Sullivan managed to solve the riddle and banish it, earning him the epithet "The Eleventh Question". Both worked together for a long time to solve similar occult mysteries and eventually passed their teachings on to the order of Sullivan.

The Questions are, at best, eccentrics and, at worst, outcasts by the rest of the Guardians of the Veil. Their obsession with truth makes them difficult members of an Order that has imposed itself the duty to hide it from the unenlightened. The Sherlocks defend their position with the argument that only by honing their minds continously, they can face threats that other mages would ignore.

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