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Elena Mendoza Vasquez



Final Death:



Tremere antitribu






Chantry Regent

Elena Mendoza Vasquez was a Tremere antitribu resident of Mexico City, she disappeared in 1999 along the entirety of House Goratrix.


Elena was a follower of Goratrix that maintained a chantry in the Sabbat stronghold of Mexico City. She was responsible for experiments on the Blood Brothers that resulted in Las Hermanas Hambrientas - Blood "Sisters" capable of reproduction. She developed this variation of embrace from the Tremere research on altering blood potency through Thaumaturgy. She reckognized the danger this beings posed, however, and locked them away within her chantry.

Since the destruction of the Tremere antitribu in 1999, her chantry as well as her experiments have come under great scunity by the Tzimisce Koldun Esteban and the Harbinger of Skulls La Viuda Blanca. According to notes she left in her sanctum, she was working toward a thaumaturgical ritual with which she could grant and withdraw the ability to embrace to other Blood Brothers, presumably a way to make them personally loyal to her as a sort of "hive mother" of their kind. One of her "prototypes" escaped into the shantytowns of the eastern fringe of Mexico City when the pair of Sabbat scholars broke in to the subterranean chantry in November of 2000.



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