The natural elements that form the world have their counterparts in wyrmish metaphysics, believed to be formed from the excretions of the primordial Wyrm, squeezed out across the universe when the Weaver constricted its body. These vile substances manifest physically in the material world, but are also somehow related to the components of the conscious mind. These Wyrms have no intention or volition like the Triatic and Urge Wyrms; they exist instead primarily as resources to be exploited by the other Wyrms' servitors. Indeed, the elemental Maeljin can't be traced, even in rumor, to mortal lives—leaving some to wonder from whence their ranks are filled or replenished.

Known Elemental WyrmsEdit

  • H'rugg, Wyrm of Sludge, born from the waste of the Wyrm and connected to its sensations
  • Hoga, Wyrm of Smog, born from the gaseous part of the Wyrm and connected to its intellect
  • Furmas, Wyrm of Balefire, born from the blood of the Wyrm and connected to its willpower
  • Wakshaa, Wyrm of Toxins, born from the body fluids of the Wyrm and connected to its emotions

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