Baroness of Uilidh

Eileen was the Baroness of Uilidh during the Dark Ages.


It has been said that When Saint Patrick came to Ireland, the methuselah known as Morrigan was tormented by visions of the future. The ancient vampire submitted voluntarily to diablerie by one of her childer. Eileen, is the grandchilde of one of those diablerists.

She is reputed to be a blood magician, and she makes no effort to dispel these rumors. She knows that the Tremere are very interested in establishing the truth of the matter, hence she destroyed any Tremere envoy. If she does, indeed, have some ancient blood magic at her disposal, one that predates Tremere Thaumaturgy, then the Tremere would probably go to great lengths to trap her, stake her and haul her off to Durham to be dissected. If she does not, then much of her reputation (and implicit threat to ambitious fellow Cainites) would be lost. Everything is a bluff, of course. She is a Brujah and has no access to Disciplines beyond those common to most Cainites.

As bold as she might be, Eileen still sends a small tribute to London every year in return for Mithras’ nonintervention in the affairs of Uilidh. The lands of Ulster are rich and fertile, and the kine are healthy. A goodly number of vampires make their lairs in these northern hills and townships. Most are Gangrel driven from Connaught by Magda. The Gangrel, chiefly Ferals, are apolitical, but they have reached an accommodation with Eileen. Eileen’s small coterie of four makes up the vampiric “aristocracy” holding the office of baron (in Eileen’s case), seneschal, sheriff and keeper. They do not dwell together, but rather claim hunting grounds along the eastern coast. The Tremere are interested in expanding their influence northwards, but Eileen has destroyed each of their envoys


Dark Ages: British Isles, p. 94

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