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Eidolon is the ability of a wraith to control, outwit, and ignore their Shadow.


Some wraiths have such high Eidolon that they develop a positive counterpart to their Shadow. This "higher-self", also called the Eidolon, can sometimes manifest as another personality or entity, much as a Shadow can. However, the Eidolon tends to be much quieter and more subtle than the Shadow. It can develop its own personality and abilities all the same; some especially powerful Eidolon can even send out Recognitions, or visions, to their Psyche. Many wraiths, especially Heretics, believe that listening to one's higher-self can lead them to Transcendence, much as listening to one's Shadow leads them into Oblivion.

Eidolon is available for purchase as a Background at character creation; the more dots a character has in Eidolon, the better they are at resisting temptations presented by their Shadows.


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