Efraín Sortano


-the Zookeeper










Fyodor Andreyev

Efraín Sortano is an 8th generation Tzimisce resident of Mexico City.


Mexico City's Sabbat call Efrain Sortano "the Zookeeper" because he claims the zoo in Chapultepec Park as his personal domain.

Sortano decided that to discover the secret of transcending vampirism, he must understand the animal world from whence humanity emerged. So, before Sortano learned the shape-shifting arts of the Gangrel, he used Vicissitude to warp his own body into animal forms. He also reshaped one animal into the form of another, people into animals, or animals into people.

Both mortal and Cainite politics are considered boring by Sortano. He wields some influence over the zoo's policy and funding, but he uses other Sabbat as proxies to do so. The Zookeeper seldom looks the same from week to week. He takes an animal or half-animal form after another, but retains speech in all of them.

Character Sheet Edit

Efraín Sortano, the Zookeeper
Sire: Fyodor Andreyev
Nature: Pedagogue
Demeanor: Deviant
Generation: 8th
Embrace: 1780
Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 1
Mental: Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Empathy 2, Instruction 3,Intimidation 3
Skills: Animal Ken 4, Body Crafts 4, Fire Dancing 2, Stealth 3, Survival 3
Knowledges: Academics 2, Investigation 2, Linguistics 2 (German, Russian), Medicine 2, Occult 1, Science 4
Disciplines: Animalism 4, Auspex 2, Fortitude 2, Protean 4, Vicissitude 4
Backgrounds: Black Hand Membership 2, Contacts 4, Influence 1, Sabbat Status 4
Virtues: Conviction 3, Instinct 4, Courage 3
Morality: Path of Metamorphosis 6
Willpower: 6


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