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While commonly assumed to be "supernatural powers," Hunters' Edges are not classified as such (at least, not by the Imbued). They are bestowed by an outside source, the Messengers, and the individual Hunters themselves have no idea if they will work at any specific time. They don't register as "wrong" to other Hunters, but they are visible when Second Sight is active, and supernatural creatures could see overt Edges normally.

Background Information Edit

Each Creed has one main Edge list, or tier. Most had two separate tiers, one from the Core Book, and the other from their individual Creed books. Only the two lost Creeds, Hermits and Waywards, had a single tier of Edges. Additional Edges were listed in the book Holy War. Not all creeds received an Edge in this book.

Hunter: The Reckoning Edges

Vengeance · Defense · Solitude · Innocence · Judgement · Martyrdom · Redemption · Visionary · Deviance

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