Echo Walkers
Name: Echo Walkers
Nicknames: The Blinded
Path: Obrimos
Order: none (left-handed)
Arcana: Life

The Echo Walkers are a left-handed Legacy that misuse the soul of Sleepers as a window to the Supernal to worship the Angels of the Aether.


The Echo Walkers believe that the "angels" in the Supernal Realm of Aether are actually the remnants of a proto-human first race. Most these beings as the "Ones Before," but many Echo Walkers have their own theories or stories about what these beings are. All agree, however, that these beings are unknowable in the Fallen World as it stands, and this truth pains them. The Echo Walkers look in reverence, awe, and envy at the Ones Before, studying the images of angels in Fallen World artwork and legends of Titans. They believe that the key to understand and at last communicate with them lies in the noble soul of humanity, and they are quite willing to dislodge, prod, and injure that soul to find it.

Because the Echo Walkers know that they cannot hope to achieve the true spiritual and magical prowess of these beings while still in the Fallen World, the Blinded attempt to sculpt their bodies into the Divinity they know all mages can possess.

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