Ebony Kingdom is an expansion set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, released by White Wolf in 2009. All cards in this 62-card set focus on the Laibon, the Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom, who were previously spotlighted in the Legacies of Blood expansion set. As with all other smaller card sets, this set was only distributed in booster packs; there were no preconstructed decks or starter decks. The next V:TES set, Heirs to the Blood (2010), was the game's final expansion set.

Card listEdit

The cards Aye and Orun are reprinted from the Legacies of Blood set; the other 60 cards are all new.

0-9: 419 Operation
A: Abiku; Abu Nuwasi; Aisata Swanou; Arriette Sylla; Aye
B: Bamba; Batsheva (Advanced); Bestial Vengeance; The Bitter and Sweet Story; Blood Shield; Brutal Influence
C: Cesewayo (Advanced)
D: Despiral; Devil-Channel: Feet; Dusk Work
E: Edge of the World; Elizabeth Conde; Exile
F: Familial Bond; Fode Kourouma
G: Guinea-Bissau Carnival
H: Hiding in the Open
I: Ilomba; Impundulu; Invoke Poison Glands; Ishtarri Warlord
J: Jibade el-Bahrawi (Advanced); Jua Vema
K: Kamiri wa Itherero (Advanced); Kuta
L: Luanda Magere; Lucian, The Perfect
M: Make an Example; Mamadou Keita; Mapatano Utando; Mundane; My Kin Against The World
N: Nana Buruku; Neebi; Nestor Kaba; Ngozi Ekwensu; Nkishi
O: Orun
P: Pallid; Powerbase: Luanda
Q: none
R: Reliquary: Trinket; Remnant of the Endless Storm
S: Savannah Runner; Sense Vibrations; Socrate Cidibe; Supernatural Resistance
T: Taking the Skin: Minion; Taking the Skin: Vulture; Taming the Beast; Titi Camara; Transcendent Laibon; Tunnel Runner
U: Umdava; Undele; Unholy Radiance
V: Well-Marked
W-Z: none


Avery Butterworth, Michael Gaydos, Leif Jones, Mathias Kollros, Heather V. Kreiter, Brian LeBlanc, Pat Loboyko, Vince Locke, Ken Meyer, Jr., Justin Norman, Ron Spencer, James Stowe, Brad Williams

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