King Earl Blaze of Uffington was the first Silver Fang king in Australia. Having failed to prevent human settlement from reaching Australia, the Europeab Garou, unaware that the Bunyip were already there, ensured that they were part of the First Fleet to reach the continent, and appointed Earl Blaze and his traveling companions to be guardians of the new land. Porkchop, a Bone Gnawer who was sent on a scouting mission with her followers (in the hopes that they would be killed in the process, Blaze found them troublesome), informed Blaze that the Bunyip were already present in Australia. Blaze, who had been grooming himself as the king of Australia, became angry at having his ambitions dashed and took refuge in bigotry, stating that the Bunyip's isolation must have rendered them inferior and thus incapable of ruling Australia. This view was not shared by all the Garou, but only Raymond Hawkins, a Child of Gaia, spoke out against the decree, for which Blaze banished him to Norfolk Island.

When the Bunyip made no attempt to contact the non-native Garou for months, and resisted any attempt by non-native Garou to do so, Blaze kidnapped several of their Aboriginal Kinfolk in an attempt to force them to do so. The Kinfolk, perceiving the non-native Garou as enemies of the Dreamtime, willed their own deaths and died within a week. Blaze blamed the Bunyip for this, stating that because they would not respect him or the European Garou, that they must be of the Wyrm. Raymond Hawkins attempted to defend the Bunyip from his exile, but died due to the harsh conditions of Norfolk Island. Only Luther Gazes-Inward heeded his words.

During the Castle Hill uprising in Australia in 1798 (which involved some Fianna Kinfolk), a pack of Fianna, let by Bridget of the Flashing-Eyes, went to Blaze to air their grievances; they were attacked by members of King Blaze's court, but managed to kill the king himself before they died. Greymane Sleekfur succeeded Blaze as king of the Garou in Australia.[1]


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