E-Demon is a type of Spectre frequently seen in Orpheus. They have the ability to control and manipulate electronic devices, especially ones that are connected to the media, such as TVs, radios, computers, and other similar means of communication by way of the Shade Haunter. Although they are weak physically, they are still powerful in other ways. They frequently manipulate what is seen and heard by a target, convincing them to take drastic actions they might not otherwise. An E-Demon might use the image of a popular sitcom personality to convince a viewer that aliens and government conspiracies are real, or the voice of a pop singer to tell them to kill their neighbors. E-Demons are also capable of altering footage from security cameras, a problem that especially became troublesome for the Orpheus Group survivors after the attack on the Orpheus compound. The only way to destroy an E-Demon is through the media it is on; a security camera’s tapes must be burned, for example.