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The Dux Bellorum is the warlord of the Camarilla.


When the sect mobilizes its members as a war-force, it often selects a Dux Bellorum from among the ranks of the Archons, Justicars, or even extremely competent Alastors.

The Dux Bellorum is a battle marshal, the master of a Camarilla combat engagement. He may be a front-line warlord, leading a bloody charge into a Sabbat domain, or he may be a scheming tactician, organizing guerilla strikes to destabilize an enemy territory from within.

The wrath or cleverness of the Dux Bellorum motivates the other Kindred, for he is the field authority in matters of war, so this title’s value indicates his narrow but unquestioned rank during assault, sieges, and other periods of open conflict. Even Princes and Justicars defer to the Dux Bellorum (even if they’re not always happy about it).

Until his disappearance, Karsh was the undisputed Dux Bellorum (he himself preferred the term Warlord) of the Camarilla.


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