Birth Name: Duke Rollo
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Gonzo Journalist
Default Association: Independent

Duke Rollo is a gonzo reporter in Aberrant and the fictional writer of the articles contained in Aberrant: Fear and Loathing. His articles for the magazine Flare give a human point of view on novas.

Gonzo (journalism): Filled with bizzare or subjective ideas, commentary or the like[1]

Background Information Edit

The character is inspired by Hunter S. Thompson: his name corresponds to the "Raoul Duke" pen name of Thompson and they share the same writing style and attitude. Duke Rollo is sometimes called, or signs, "Dr. Duke Rollo": it can be assumed that, in the same way that Hunter S. Thompson sometimes signed "Dr. H. S. Thompson", Duke Rollo claims an imaginary doctorate in journalism.


  1. Definition of Gonzo (journalism)

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